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I've had the cpr kit installed into civic now for 6 months, it's the second kit I purchased, I've made apost already concerning the issue I have with it, a weird random miss, now I know I'm the 4th car with cpr kit installed doing the same thing... I have a also bought a brand new oem distributor from Honda, had to have it shipped from Japan, and it still does the same thing removing the kit on Monday to see of it clears up, I'm sure it will... I've spent so much time and money chasing this glitch I had more faith in hondata that it would to be the cpr kit... But it cannot be coincidence that it's the same exact problem on cars that had not had this problem before... Nothing shows up on datalogs...Anyone else experiencing this? A vet annoying completely random miss?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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