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Rosy Miller  
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Rosy Miller

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The issue of receiving spam emails is a common issue that is faced by almost every user. AOL email provides the users with the option of blocking email addresses so that they would no longer receive emails from them. The steps to set this up is as given below:
• Firstly login to your AOL account and then click on the ‘Mail’ icon.
• Further, click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Spam control’.
• Now you would have to access the option of ‘Edit Spam Controls’, this would launch AOL Desktop mail controls.
• Now click on the circle which is next to the option ‘Block emails from the addresses I specify’.
• You would now have to enter the email addresses that you wish to block.
• Once you have entered the email addresses, click on the option of ‘Save’.
When you efficiently follow the steps given above you would successfully be able to block certain email addresses in your AOL. If you wish to understand this feature in more detail you can contact AOL Customer service phone number.
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AOL support

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