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Jhon Snow  
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Jhon Snow

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If you are a Norton Antivirus users and you have recently come across the error code 3048 3. The steps that you would have to undertake are as given below:
• The user would have to repair the catalog entries which are associated with this error.
• Let the device scan for any possible virus or malware.
• Make sure that you clean up your system and drive by removing all the junk.
• Check for updates and upgrade the system.
• The users can also undo all the recent changes done using Windows System Restore.
• Uninstall and then reinstall Norton Antivirus software.
• Install all the recommended windows update that your system is suggesting for your device.
If the user is not able to solve the issue using the steps mentioned, then the only option which they would have is to connect with Norton Phone Number. They would ensure that trained professionals efficiently guide you towards an effective solution.
for more:- Antivirus helpline number
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